Monday, August 4, 2014

Honey Bees Vs. The Hummingbirds

I love the honey bees....I love hummingbirds...that being said does anyone know how the two can peacefully coexist in our yard? We have an abundance of the little hummers this year (15 or 20 they are too fast to count them all) but a few days ago the bees invaded as you can see. The poor little hummers can't get to the feeding ports. My husband tried a plate of sugar water to coax them away from the feeders (something we had read about on the web) but it only attracted more! It's almost like we have a hive on our deck at times! We have some flowers that the hummers can feed on but our sugar water was a big part of their diet. For now we are just feeding them in the evening at dusk when the bees calm down and we're trying to move the feeders to other parts of the yard in the hopes that the hummers will find them but the bees will not. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to keep my hummingbirds fed?