Friday, February 12, 2016

Seeing A Photo's Potential



I was going to scrap this photo until my husbad asked about the photos from our Passage Creek shoot. I thought that I didn't have anything worth trying to salvage after viewing the photos and I was kicking myself for shooting into the sun. I was so excited about trying my new Ice ND 10 filter and Indoro tripod legs with Benro ball head that my brain just said "shoot some moving water" and I neglected to take things into account like what happens when you shoot into the sun ie. flares and sun spots! Oopsie! So I found the one with the best exposure, edited in light room and then got to cropping and editing in PS Elements 11 to see what I could do with it. After I found a crop I liked, I cleaned up the rest with the spot healing tool and cloning tool and a little noise reduction on the water with Topaz Denoise and then some selective sharpening with Topaz Detail and a little  dynamic contrast adjustment in Topaz Adjut 5 on the detailed areas like the rocks and trees. The first photo is the originial with some light room edits, the second is after PS Elements/ Topaz adjustments. Sometimes it's good to give photos a second look before "filing" in the recycle bin. :-)

Prints can be purchased Here

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